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Producer’s Gear

What our music producer uses …

BeMelodic’s music producer offers you endless creative options for crafting and designing a catchy song, punchy beats, or elaborate productions.

Part of our wonderful selection of sound enhancements come from our software tools combined with hardware options.

To get a better idea of these music creation tools found at BeMelodic, checkout our list below. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about how we can make your song unique and magical!


  • Alesis V49 Keyboard

  • Akai MPK Mini

  • DIYRE Color (Transistor, Tape, and Optical) Saturator

  • Bass

  • Guitars

  • Guitar Effects


  • Presonus Studio One 4.5 Professional

  • Reaper

  • MOTU 24io (2) (48 ins / 48 outs)

  • MOTU PCIe-424 Card

  • Audient ID44

  • Presonus Faderport 8

  • UAD-2 Quad Satellite PCIe Card

  • Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MK2


Kristal Skies


Kristal Skies is an up and coming singer songwriter out of Dallas Tx. She recorded a number of her songs at BeMelodic for her debut album. Tony Loignon was the engineer and producer for several songs.


    Millionaire Mike


    Millionaire Mike is an established rapper out of Dallas Tx.  He has recorded several songs at BeMelodic and continues to work closely with Tony Loignon who produces a number of beats and engineers the songs.


      Roni Lee


      Roni Lee is an established band headed by Roni out of California.  This song was recorded and originally produced by Warren Huart.  Tony Loignon remixed this song and gave it his “magic” by giving this song a harder rock feel and more energy.


        Abner Who


        Abner Who is a band out of California who recorded this song with Spitfire Group.  Original was produced and engineered by Warren Huart.  Tony remixed this song which was already a hard rock genre and brought it closer to a “heavy metal” sound of the 80’s with a screaming guitar solo and several other productions added into the song for style and energy.