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About Our Music Producer

About BeMelodic Production

BeMelodic Production is a part of BeMelodic LLC, a veteran owned business founded by Anthony (Tony) Loignon in 2019. We have worked with artists of all genres to bring their music to life.

Mission Statement

BeMelodic Production provides creative and original music production to musicians and artists who want to maintain a competitive position in their respective music genres.

About The Music Producer

Originally from Montreal Canada’s known for its cultural impact in music and entertainment. Tony’s musical journey started at a very young age while performing for friends and family. At age 10, he took accordion lessons at the Canadian Conservatory of Music and also explored the organ and classical guitar.

By the age of 14, he received his first electric guitar and found a passion for hard rock and heavy metal. While in high school, Tony also played tenor saxophone in a school jazz band, as well as trumpet and snare with a marching band.

Tony’s audio engineering experiences started at age 15 with basic DJ mixing. By the time he was 20, he was recording and producing his own music using a multi-track Tascam tape machine. Tony recently decided to produce music full-time.

Tony Loignon, Music Producer