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BeMelodic Production is home to Tony Loignon, a talented music producer located in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Tony specializes in producing rock, country, metal, blues, hip-hop, rap, and reggaeton music.

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Welcome to BeMelodic Music Production

Based in Arlington Texas, our goal is to provide you with exceptional music production by enabling creativity in arrangement, composition, and song writing.  Further developing your production with our recording, mixing, and mastering services to create a competitive song or album.


Producer’s Equipment

We use both software and hardware tools and instruments for producing radio-ready songs.

Our Gear
Our Gear
Midi Keyboard
Producer Gear
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Recent Clients

Clients that we’ve recently had the pleasure to work with.

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More Clients
Tony Loignon Musician and Producer in Arlington Tx
Roni Lee
Abner Who


Song Writing

Looking for a unique music for your song? We can help you create the music from scratch with your lyrics.  Our professional song writing services will bring your song to new heights whether it’s adding punchy drums, soft and ambient synths, screaming guitar licks, slapping bass lines or a complete instrumental.


Beats Making

You’re an up and coming rap or hip-hop artist looking for unique beats for your tune?  We can produce unique, catchy, and pumpy beats for your song.  Don’t fall for the beats on other websites which are made and sold for the masses, all of our beats are produced uniquely for each artist.


Vocal Production

Need help with developing a melody for your lyrics?  Our vocal production services can give you the melodic rhythm that matches your style and the essence of your song. Whether your project is a song, podcast, or broadcast, our exceptional recording environment and professional vocal tuning and effects software can achieve the sounds you seek.


Sound Design

Whether you are an artist or commercial business looking for unique sounds for your project. BeMelodic can help you produce vibrant and catchy sounds using our full allowance of software and hardware for designing your sounds and effects.


Music Transcription

Ever have a song that is in a key you just can’t sing to? BeMelodic Production can help you transcribe your song to a key that suits your vocal range. This would involve producing a new song with the same voicings, but in your new key. Contact us for more on our music transcription services.


Music Recording

At BeMelodic, we can record your music in our state-of-the-art tracking room. We have a large selection of professional microphones suitable for every application. All our recordings go through premium modern or vintage mic preamps and are mixed and mastered via digital and analog hardware.  Learn more about our recording studio services.


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